How To Report a Change of Address to the USCIS

VIA USCIS – All non-U.S. citizens (aliens) who are required to be registered are also required to keep the USCIS informed of their current address. This is particularly important when you have filed an application or petition for a benefit under the Immigration and Nationality Act and expect notification of a decision on that application. In addition, the USCIS may need to contact you to provide other issued documents or return original copies of evidence you submitted. It is also mandatory for any alien who has been designated as a “special registrant” under 8 CFR § 264.1(f)(as amended by 67 Federal Register 52585 (August 12, 2002) to inform the USCIS whenever he or she has a change of address, employment or school. The special registrant rule is effective as of September 11, 2002.

Who Must Comply?
All aliens in the United States who are required to be registered under the law (INA § 262 and 261) must keep the USCIS informed of their changes of address. The only aliens exempt from this requirement are diplomats (visa status A), official government representatives to an international organization (visa status G), and certain nonimmigrants who do not possess a visa and who are in the U.S. for fewer than 30 days (INA § 263).

How Do I Report?
All aliens changing their address must file Form AR-11 with the USCIS address listed on the form. That address is:

    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Change of Address
    P.O. Box 7134
    London, KY 40742-7134

    For commercial overnight or fast freight services, only:

    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Change of Address
    1084-I South Laurel Road
    London, KY 40744

USCIS has created an additional procedure and recommends additional notifications for those aliens who are also applicants for benefits. Applicants and Petitioners with pending cases should telephone customer service at 1-800-375-5283 to report their change of address and get the address on the pending application/petition changed. If you are not a U.S. Citizen you will also be required to complete a Form AR-11. If you are not a U.S. citizen and you have a case pending with USCIS you need to do both – call customer service and complete the Form AR-11. The AR-11 is used by non-U.S. citizens to meet the legal requirements of informing USCIS of any change of address. Presently, completing an AR-11 does not update your address on any pending case. Also, while calling customer service updates the address on your pending case, it does not meet the legal requirement of completing an AR-11. Please see Change of Address (found under Contacting Us) on your local office About Us page.

Penalties for Failure to Comply
A willful failure to give written notice to the USCIS of a change of address within 10 days of the change is a misdemeanor crime. If convicted, the alien (or parent or legal guardian of an alien under age 14 who is required to give notice) can be fined up to $200 or imprisoned up to 30 days, or both. The alien may also be subject to removal from the United States. (INA § 266(b)). Compliance with the requirement to notify the USCIS of any address changes is also a condition of an alien’s stay in the United States. Failure to comply could also jeopardize the alien’s ability to obtain a future visa or other immigration benefit.

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