State wins $10 Million judgment in immigration scam perpetrated by Non-lawyer “Immigration Consultant”

Houston Chronicle (02/07/2006)

The Texas Attorney General’s Office announced Monday that it had won a
$10 million judgment against a Pasadena-based immigration consultant
accused of bilking hundreds of immigrants out of hundreds of thousands
of dollars for fraudulent services.

The lawsuit alleged Perez charged customers for legal advice and help in preparing immigration documents though she was not a lawyer and was not authorized to offer immigration consultant services. She also told clients she was a former employee of the then-Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Click here to read the full story

Click here to view Perez’ deceptive business card

Click here to view the lawsuit

Click here to view the final judgement

Click here to view Perez’ company incorporation document which states that “The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized is to engage in religious worship and promote the spiritual development or well-being of individuals” and that the “…corporation pledges its assets for use in performing the organization’s religious functions.”

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