Irish Illegal Aliens Win Clinton as Ally of Immigration Law Change

By DANIELA GERSON – Staff Reporter of the Sun
March 9, 2006

WASHINGTON – Not long after
the pubs shut their doors for the night, the Bronx’s Little Ireland
sprang back to life yesterday. Hundreds of the city’s newest wave of
illegal Irish immigrants – students and carpenters, waitresses and
nannies – descended on Woodlawn’s main strip, bundled against the cold
and cracking jokes as they waited in the dark to board buses headed for

A few hours later, as the Senate Judiciary Committee began its
second day of crafting an immigration bill, the busloads from the Bronx
joined nearly 2,000 other Irish from across the country, canvassing the
halls of Congress in T-shirts emblazoned with “Legalize the Irish.”

Of the roughly 12 million illegal immigrants in America, the 50,000
illegal Irish are just a tiny drop in the pool, but yesterday the newly
formed Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform proved a unique force in the
drive for a legalization program.

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