F-4 better deal for students from US


NEW DELHI: Going to the US is
set to become much simpler for students pursuing an advanced degree – master’s
or higher – in physical sciences, technology and engineering, thanks to the
introduction of a new category of student visa (F-4).

Senator Arlen Specter’s Immigration Reform Bill,
currently being discussed by the US Senate judiciary committee, proposes a new
category of student visa (F-4) for students pursuing higher studies in maths,
physical sciences, engineering and technology.

Senator Specter has some good news for all foreign
students, irrespective of the course of study. The Bill proposes to allow all
students on an F-4 visa to be eligible for off-campus employment, unrelated to
the field of study, if they maintain good academic standing and the employer
attests to the educational institution and the department of labour that it has
spent at least 21 days recruiting US citizens to fill the position and will pay
the greater of the actual or prevailing wage.

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