Miami Irish Welcomed by McCain


THE 25 Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) volunteers who attended
a field hearing on immigration reform in Miami on Monday, July 10 were
warmly welcomed by Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona.

“I am really glad to see the representatives of the ILIR here today.
They have been following me around this country, and I am delighted to
see that they are well behaved because when I saw them in Washington they
were a little unruly,” McCain laughed.

“We were mentioned three times and Senator McCain even stopped his
speech to mention us,” said ILIR volunteer Brian McKenna, 30, who
flew from New York to Miami to attend the hearing.

Lisa Handley from Dublin organized the Miami turnout, and is hoping to
capitalize on the new ILIR chapter in Florida gaining momentum by drawing
out more volunteers (her number is 954-643-0898 for anyone who wants to
join the effort).

“The ones that came from Fort Lauderdale are really seeing how serious
this issue is. It was great to see them turn out and the ones from New
York,” she said.

“I was a Morrison visa recipient and got my citizenship four years
ago. It would be great to see more Morrison holders coming out for this,
even if they aren’t in Fort Lauderdale where I am, even if they
are in Tampa or Miami or neighboring states. Everyone is welcome,”
she added.

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