U.S. Visas – Lebanese Citizens

Via The US Department of State

U.S. Visas – Lebanese Citizens

  • Embassy Beirut is temporarily closed, for all visa applications, interviews and processing.
  • U.S. Embassy Athens will begin visa processing for Lebanese citizens as follows:
  • Beginning August 1,
    Lebanese citizens applying for F, H, J, L, M O, or P nonimmigrant visas
    can schedule interview appointments through the Embassy Athens website
    or, if they are in Greece, through the user-pays call center at
  • Beginning August 1, Lebanese citizens who have an immigrant petition approved for them, and are awaiting interview should address their inquiries
    to U.S. Embassy Athens, via e-mail at Athens-IV-Lebanon@state.gov
  • If you have already applied for your immigrant visa at Embassy Beirut, you should inquire through the e-mail at Athens-IV-Lebanon@state.gov  about whether your case can be transferred to Athens for processing.

(July 31, 2006)

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