Hired hands: Wait for green card tries visa holders

Via The Sacremento Bee

Obtaining permanent residence frustrates foreign professionals.

Raghu Ballal, a
civil engineer
for the Shaw
Group, plans to
get his MBA in
the United
Kingdom after
being frustrated
at the
wait for a green
card in the U.S.
He will apply
for fast-track
through the
U.K.’s Highly
Skilled Migrant
Sacramento Bee/Autumn Cruz

Raghu Ballal hates feeling forced out of America.

The Indian-born engineer regrets leaving a well-paying job with the
subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company — and giving up opportunities to
pursue a master’s degree in business administration at the University
of California at Berkeley or Los Angeles.

The long wait Ballal and his wife face for legal permanent residency —
for green cards — has pushed them to pursue the American dream in
another country.

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