American dream sours for an exile


For 12 years, Julio Rosell has lived, worked and paid taxes from his
roomy, idyllic Hollywood home — his lawn freshly mowed; his two cars
polished; his boat luxurious.

He fathered two American-born children: 10-year-old Jeannette and 9-year-old Julio Jr.

As a Cuban exile, he expected his American dream to continue.

But now Rosell finds himself in a situation unfamiliar to most Cuban exiles. His immigration status is in limbo.

The 41-year-old Havana native lost his bid for a green card because
he came to the United States as a stowaway. While he won’t likely be
deported, he cannot legally drive or work now.

”No one seems to care,” said his wife, Caroline Rosell, whose own
status depends on her husband’s. “My husband has no driver’s license,
mine’s about to expire and we are supposed to be supporting two kids
financially. I wonder how they really expect us to live — without
papers or a driver’s license.”

In the decade he adjusted to the American way of life, no one told Rosell he shouldn’t be here.

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