Group: Fix The Broken Green Card System


WASHINGTON — With comprehensive immigration reform focused on the
millions of illegal aliens in the country, one energetic advocacy group
is hustling to educate lawmakers and the public about the million-plus
legal immigrants that have no need of amnesty but only a fair shake at
grabbing the American Dream.

Reform bills, amendments, and proposals may be languishing in the
brimming too-hard-to-do bin on Capitol Hill until after the 2006
elections, but Aman Kapoor, the founder and head of Immigration Voice
roams the halls of Congress, colleagues in trace, with a call for help
– fixing a green card system that is broken.

In the current global arena, countries such as India and China provide
strong competition in the manufacturing and outsourcing services. The
United States has to retain and attract the best and brightest talent
that it can find to keep its competitive edge in research and
development of innovative technologies, Kapoor told NewsMax in his
staccato Indian accent.

“Countries in Europe such as U.K. and Germany, in North America such as
Canada, and in the Southern hemisphere, such as Australia, have long
since realized this fact and have tailored their immigration policies
to attract the brightest students and made it easier for them to stay
in those countries,” Kapoor explained.

This, however, is unfortunately not the case in the United States, he lamented.

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