Newspaper Articles on H-1Bs and Labor Certifications in Rural States like Maine

Via The Portland Press Herald Maine Sunday Telegram Online

Comprehensive and interesting article regarding some old loopholes (closed with the new PERM labor certification system) and containing a Department of Labor perspective.  Report summarizes with the usual negative slant against the H-1B visa and labor certification program. 

Here’s another one which focuses on LCA’s for H-1B workers.

When reading these articles, it is important to keep the H-1B program in perspective; an excerpt from the latter article:

“Claims of fraud in the foreign-worker system are overblown, as are
contentions that American workers are hurt by the influx of skilled
immigrants, said Jeff Lande, senior vice president at the Information
Technology Association of America.

By most counts, we’ve got about 10 million technology workers in
America,” said Lande. “We’re talking about a (H1B visa) cap of 65,000 a
year, maybe 20,000 of whom are technology workers. You’re barely
talking about a drop in the bucket spread out across the country. Any
complaints about this program having a serious impact on U.S. labor are
comical.” “

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