Diploma in Hand, But Visa in Limbo – Via The Harvard Crimson

Via The Harvard Crimson

Seniors are waiting to hear if they’ve been hired for lucrative jobs on
Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, but international students are
waiting to hear if they’ll even be allowed to hold jobs in the country.

Harvard’s late graduation date—and an unusually high volume of
visa applications—could put some seniors’ and recent graduates’ jobs in

And with immigration reform efforts stalled on Capitol Hill, relief may be a long time coming.

Some international students in the Class of 2006 were unable to
apply for the H-1B visas required to seek employment in the United
States because they did not receive the necessary proof of graduation
until after the visa quota was filled.

Previously, the annual quota had not filled up until long
after Harvard’s June Commencement ceremonies—students in the class of
2005 faced a deadline of Aug. 10.

But last year, U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS),
the federal agency that adjudicates visa petitions, announced that the
quota was filled on May 26—the same day finals period ended. That left
some graduating seniors without long-term employment permits.

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