AILA-SCOPS Update on Chile-Singapore Leftover H-1Bs


USCIS advised AILA’s Service Center Operations
(SCOPS) Liaison Committee on the processing of the remaining 89 H-1B
cap subject cases that were not selected as part of the random number
generator on 5/26/06 as follows:

  • A letter will be issued to each petitioner/attorney notifying them
    that their case will be processed if they submit the appropriate fees.
  • The letter will include instructions on mailing the fees to a dedicated mailing address.
  • The deadline to respond to the letter will be November 14, 2006.
  • Those that have not responded by November 14, 2006, will be
    contacted by the Vermont Service Center (VSC) via e-mail or phone to
    determine whether they are interested in pursuing the petition.
  • A dedicated e-mail address will be set up for any filing questions
    pertaining to these cases. This e-mail account will be monitored
    through the deadline date.

AILA-SCOPS Liaison has requested further clarification on this and will post further information as it becomes available.

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