Latin Americans gladdened by Republican setback in U.S. Congress

Via The Associated Press

MEXICO CITY: Mexico City traffic officer Raul Cervantes couldn’t
remember the name of the Republican Party — all he knew was that U.S.
President George W. Bush had taken a beating and that was enough to
make him happy.

Across Latin America, politicians, analysts and regular folks like
Cervantes cheered the Democrats takeover of the U.S. House of
Representatives as roping in the “cowboy” who went to war against Iraq,
ignoring widespread world opposition to the invasion.

But most in the region agree Washington’s new political landscape
will do little for their countries’ agendas, such as Mexico’s hope of
stopping a border wall meant to stem illegal immigration.

Few believe the Democrats will change the anti-immigrant tide and
push through a migration accord that would allow Latin Americans to
more easily work legally in the U.S. “Remember that Rep. Hillary
Clinton, who is a Democrat, voted in favor of a wall to divide the
countries,” said historian Lorenzo Meyer in Mexico City.

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