American visas to Indians set to zoom

Via rediff News
December 18, 2006 10:22 IST

With Indo-US bonhomie at its best, the United States is all set to
grant entry visas to a record number of Indians in the months to come.

September and October this year, the first two months of the US fiscal,
the US has issued 78 per cent more visas to Indians than in the same
two months of last year. In fact, the US consular operations have had
to requisition staff from all over the world to cope with the
additional work.

Indians have bagged no less than 30 per cent of
the visas granted by the US worldwide for skilled temporary workers.
Last fiscal, over 127,000 such visas were issued to Indians. And at
over 80,000, India has the largest number of foreign students in the
US. In fiscal 2006, 24,622 Indian students got a US visa — a 32 per
cent increase over the previous year.

The US issued 358,734
temporary visas in fiscal 2006, up 14 per cent from 313,800 in the
previous year. This was in addition over 30,000 immigrant visas. India
is now second only to Mexico among all countries for visa demand.

all began in September this year, when David Mulford, the US ambassador
to India, made a commitment to eliminate the visa backlog at the
earliest, keeping with the US policy of ‘Secure Borders, Open Doors.’

May 2007, the US is planning to achieve equilibrium between visa demand
and processing facility in India. Thus, a new US consulate general
building in Mumbai will be ready by 2008. The investment: a cool $100

Another $20 million renovation at Delhi will see 10 new
visa interviewing windows. Hyderabad will have a 15-window consular
operation by 2008. While the Kolkata workspace will be doubled in 12
months, six additional interviewing windows are planned in Chennai this

Naturally, airlines are falling over each other to get a piece of the action.

traffic between India and the US was 2.1 million passengers in 2005-06;
it is projected to rise by at least 15 per cent in the current year.
The average load factor on Air-India’s 28 weekly flights to the US is
as high as 85 per cent.

Several airlines, including state-owned
Air-India and American Airlines, are planning to start non-stop flights
between India and the US. Jet Airways plans to get into the market by
August 2007, while Kingfisher is working on its local feeder network
for its US operations, which it hopes to begin some time in 2008.

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