Tech Lobby to Renew H1B Visa Reform Effort


As Democrats take over leadership of both houses of the U.S.
Congress from Republicans, technology industry lobbyists will try again
to push for worker visa reform.

Legislation to allow more highly skilled foreign workers to come to
the United States and stay longer failed in the last session of
Congress, but it will be reintroduced in the next session, said Andrea
Hoffman, vice president of TechNet, a lobbying group for technology

TechNet is pushing for three reforms, Hoffman said: Increasing the
number of H1B visas granted annually to foreign workers employed
temporarily at U.S. companies; granting employment-based visas to
workers whose H1B visas are about to expire but whose application for
lawful permanent residency (commonly known as a “green card”) is
backlogged; and allowing foreign workers who earn advanced degrees at
U.S. colleges and universities to stay and work in the United
States once they graduate.

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