Travellers report no problems at US Immigration (Bermuda)

Via The Royal Gazette

By Tim Smith

The first day of new US passport regulations appeared to go smoothly at Bermuda Airport yesterday.
Under new rules drawn up in the wake of the 9/11 terror strikes, US-bound Bermudian travellers now have to present a passport to enter America.

From midnight yesterday, in order to benefit from the visa waiver allowed under US law for Bermudians, passports must have a Bermuda Status Stamp.

The move has led to such a crush of Bermudians rushing into the Office of Immigration over the past few months that Ministry officials are considering a permanent change to the way the official Register of Bermudians is kept.
However, commuters and their families and staff at the airport said there had been no teething problems in the first day of the new system.

More than 30,000 Bermudians have filed through the Ministry offices for the new stamp since the United States Department of Homeland Security announced the new travel regulations last November.

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