What About Premium Processing H-1Bs? (Updated 4/4/07) – Via AILA

VIA The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

Many AILA members report having received receipts
on their premium processing H-1B filings, and have raised the question
of how USCIS will handle premium processing filings in light of the
length of time it is likely to take USCIS to conduct its random
selection for the cap cases. It is highly unlikely that the selection
will be completed before the 15 days for premium processing has run,
and USCIS appears to understand that a premium processing filing cannot
receive an advantage over a regular filing by virtue of having been
filed premium. It should be noted that getting a receipt does not mean
that the case has been accepted for processing. It only means that the
case will be in the “lottery”.

AILA has raised this with USCIS, which is reviewing the issue.

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