Obtaining proof of 365 Day + Pending Labor Certification to utilize 7th Year H-1B Extensions & Backlog Information


7th year + H-1B Visa Extensions

DOL has worked with CIS to set up a new system in the Backlog Elimination Centers to assist individuals who have submitted an application for permanent labor certification prior to March 28, 2005 and need proof of the submission to apply for an extension of an H-1B visa.

Individuals should send an e-mail to the appropriate Backlog Center explaining the need for the H-1B extension and requesting verification that their application is pending at the Center. The email addresses are h1b7yr@dal.dflc.us for the Dallas Center and h1b7yr@phi.dflc.us for the Philadelphia Center. Include in this request all pertinent information (employer name and address, alien name and address, date of filing, state where filed, case number, if known).

The Backlog Center will respond to the individual with verification that the application has been pending for 365 days.

Backlogged Application Receipt Dates

The document found at the link below was created to help employers who have applied for Permanent Foreign Labor Certification prior to March 28, 2005 find out when their applications arrived at a backlog processing center. In order to learn when a specific case was received by a backlog center, first locate the state where the Permanent Foreign Labor Certification application was submitted. Then, in the next column, marked Filing Date Range, find the dates between which the application’s filing (or priority) date falls. To the right of this column is the Date Received column, which shows the exact date that applications within a specific priority date range arrived at the backlog center. The last column, entitled Backlog Center, shows what center received that particular shipment.

Backlogged Application Receipt Dates

Shipping Schedule:
Permanent case applications currently located at the SWAs and Regional Offices are being shipped to the Backlog Processing Centers in three phases based on local office receipt date.

Phase Local Office Receipt Date Date Due to Center
1 Prior to January 2003 Completed On 12-31-04
2 2003 to 2004 No Later Than 03-31-05
3 2005 No Later Than 04-22-05

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