VB Gate


In one of the largest scandals in recent immigration history,
out-of-control executive branch agencies entrusted with running a
lawful and fair immigration system have cruelly and unjustly dashed the
hopes of hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants. The high drama over
the last few weeks featured DOS moving heavily retrogressed employment
visa numbers (especially for India, China, Mexico and the Phillippines)
to current (meaning un-retrogressed), and now to re-retrogressed.
Whether DOS/USCIS have the legal authority for this mumbo-jumbo is not
clear. Among the practical effects of this is to forbid work
authorization to many who would otherwise have been able to legally
work (such as H4s), and to forbid travel to many who would otherwise
have been making plans to visit loved ones overseas. In addition, of
course, USCIS will assess higher fees post-July 30th once the newly
increased USCIS fees go into effect.

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