AILF Press Release – Updates on Visa Bulletin Bait and Switch – Rumors of possible resolution

AILF Lawsuit on Visa Bulletin 
Last updated July 17, 2007

AILF’s Legal Action Center has a class action lawsuit completed and ready to file against the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State for their unlawful actions in the I-485 / Visa Bulletin mess. The government improperly denied tens of thousands of intending immigrants the opportunity to apply for employment-based visas known as “green cards.”

Rumors continue today that the Administration will be announcing a decision regarding their proposal to resolve the crisis. The most recent rumors indicate that the announcement will be made today. However, there are widely varying reports on what the proposed solution will be.

AILF will review any proposals by the Administration to resolve this issue, and will determine the best course of action in light of those proposals. While we remain hopeful that the Administration will take the actions necessary to avoid the filing of the lawsuit, further delays or incomplete solutions will compel us to move forward with litigation.

We thank the hundreds of people – intending immigrants and their lawyers – who have contacted us to be plaintiffs and support the litigation. We received emails and calls from more than 500 people in the last two weeks. Your efforts have enabled us to prepare a very strong challenge to the government’s actions.

We will post more information as soon as it is available.

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