The Latest H-1B Articles from The Economic Times

Major H-1B visa racket unearthed in US; 11 arrested

Though the officials did not reveal the citizenship of those arrested, names released indicated that almost all of them are of Indian origin.

US should not blame H1B workers for woes

Cutting visas for high-skilled immigrants won’t lessen US economic pain and could stifle domestic innovation, new research suggests. Know about NRE/ NRO A/c

H1B visa rules not applicable to Infosys

For every H1B position requested by an S&P 500 US technology company, overall employment at the firm increased by five workers.

H-1B Visas: ‘Buy American’ comes to TARP

The modified amendment makes bail out help recipients jump through extra hoops before they can hire foreign workers.

US H-1B visa curbs may not hurt Indian IT cos

Indian cos will remain unaffected as offshoring has not been directly targeted by the amendment and other categories of Visas are available.

The modified amendment requires co receiving TARP funds & applying for workers under H-1B must operate as an “H-1B dependent company”.
The move, if implemented, would drastically increase costs and make it difficult for Indian IT cos to send employees onsite.

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