A new H-1B Beneficiary attestation in use by the U.S. Consulate, Hyderabad. H-1B workers attest the document only if they are to be engaged by a Consulting Firm.

The below wording was found in a new H-1B Beneficiary attestation in use by the U.S. Consulate, Hyderabad.  H-1B workers attest the following only if they are to be engaged by a (presumably IT) consulting firm.  
I, _____________ born on _____________ in _____________ state that:
  1. I have read and understand the Wilberforce pamphlet.
  2. The petitioner is _____________
  3. The petitioner supervisor is _____________ with a principle location of _____________
  4. The number of petitioner employees at the work site is_____________
  5. My primary work location is _____________
  6. The end-client for my work is _____________
  7. The end-client supervisor is _____________
  8. The _____________ supervisor is located ‘offsite’ and is not regularly employed for the predominant part of the workday/work week/work month at the site where I work.
  9. Contact with the _____________ supervisor is limited to weekly visits to the _____________ office and occasional Petitioner supervisor visits to end-client work sites.
  10. The principle day-to-day management is conducted by the client, _____________
  11. The client, _____________, provides the tools and equipment (including any software and operating environment) needed for the job.
  12. The petitioner, _____________, makes primary hiring firing and promotional decisions.
  13. Petitioner supervisor sits down at end-client location and reviews code, does not rely on on-site Petitioner supervisor for evaluation purposes.
  14. The petitioner, _____________ claims Beneficiary for tax purposes
  15. The petitioner, _____________ provides primary benefits, such as life/medial insurance etc.
  16. The petitioner _____________ does not provide any primary/key proprietary tools or applications for the work.
  17. I produce a product related to Petitioner’s line of business.
  18. The client, _____________ makes the main development and product decisions for the end product I produce.
I understand that any false, knowingly incorrect, or misleading statements made to a consular or immigration official may result in a permanent ineligibility for a visa to the United States of America.
_____________  Subscribed/sworn before/by me this day _____________
_____________ _____________
Deponent Vice Consul/Consul/Investigator
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