Florida Immigrant Coalition’s “Drive for Common Sense” seeks Drivers Licenses for all Floridians Regardless of Immigration Status

The Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) is a statewide coalition of more than 30 member organizations and over 100 allies, founded in 1998 and formally incorporated in 2004.

Sample FL ID card

Sample Florida ID Card (source: http://www.flhsmv.gov)

The FLIC has organized “The drive for common sense” which would allow Florida drivers to hold a driver’s license regardless of immigration status.  A petition endorsing this position is available to sign on FLIC’s website which elaborates on the status quo:

“Currently, Florida law requires that immigration status be a determinant of a person’s eligibility of a license. Because of this, the number of unlicensed drivers occupying our roads totals to about one million, which amounts to roughly 15% of our state’s driving population. This means that there are thousands of drivers out on the roads without training or certification.

If Florida requires every driver to apply for a Driver’s License, all Floridians will benefit from:

• Safer roads because all drivers will be required to take a driving test
• More drivers will be covered by car insurance
• Lower insurance premiums for all Floridians
• Increased revenue to our state because there will be new drivers paying fees to register their car, take a driving test and renew their tag
• A boost to our local economy because licensed drivers can more easily purchase vehicles and car insurance

All Floridians should be able to drive their kids to school, go to church or visit the doctor, and do so on safer roads. It makes sense.

It makes so much sense that 11 other states have passed similar legislation to make driver’s licenses a requirement for all drivers: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Maryland and Washington D.C. “

– See more and sign the petition at: http://floridaimmigrant.org/our-work/drive-safe-sunshine-state-2/


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