AIC Fact Sheet on U.S. Immigration for Global Entrepreneurs implies that the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave has also become the Realm of Red Tape

The American Immigration Council’s fact sheet describes some of the options available to entrepreneurs in the United States along with a description of various obstacles placed in their path by our Immigration Policy.  The report bluntly indicates both that “Global competition for entrepreneurs is growing” and that “Although foreign entrepreneurs have consistently considered the United States a top destination, the U.S. immigration system often forces them to leave.”

It is unfortunate that the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave has also become the Realm of Red Tape.

Multiple studies have indicated that America is no longer the only go-to country for foreign entrepreneurs; a growing number of would-be entrepreneurs are choosing to start their businesses in countries that offer greater financial and social incentives. As a result, the United States is losing out on the new businesses, jobs, tax revenue, and innovation that these entrepreneurs could be generating for the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, other countries (such as India and China) are implementing policies that persuade their own best and brightest to remain at home, while also attracting talent from other nations through new entrepreneurial programs.
In short, entrepreneurs seeking the greatest opportunity for themselves and their families can choose from a range of countries. While job availability, wages, and working conditions are important in making this decision, so are a number of other considerations—such as how much red tape and bureaucracy is involved in the initial visa process, a possible future job change, the adjustment from a temporary to a permanent immigration status, and the process of bringing family members from the home country to the United States.

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