New and Improved SEVIS I-901 Fee Transfer Capability

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program is pleased to announce an enhancement to the
SEVIS I-901 fee processing system effective February 12, 2006. The new system release includes an
automated process for transferring I-901 fee payment information for students and exchange visitors
from one SEVIS ID to another and recording the transfers in the SEVIS database. The enhancement will
provide SEVP with the capability to issue an updated Form I-797 receipt reflecting the fee payment
transfer to the requested SEVIS ID.

For more information regarding the new transfer capability, please see

Please note: Any student or exchange visitor previously approved for an I-901 fee transfer,
who requires an updated Form I-797 receipt, should contact SEVP by emailing
All emails regarding this issue should specify “Transfer Receipt” in the subject line. The email should
include the following information:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • student or exchange visitor’s original SEVIS ID number
  • new SEVIS ID number to which the fee payment will be transferred

Students and exchange
visitors will also need to provide a current, valid address so that their updated Form I-797 receipt
can be mailed to them.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance with the fee transfer function,
please contact the I-901 Fee Case Resolution Unit by emailing

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