Unlicensed doctor charged with providing fake immigration exams

Associated Press

unlicensed doctor who allegedly injected immigrants with a saline
solution he claimed was a vaccine faces more than 100 criminal counts,
prosecutors said Thursday.

Stephen Brian Turner, 51, has been charged with 106 felonies for
allegedly providing fake immigration medical exams while unlicensed.
Charges include practicing medicine without a license, mishandling
blood samples and felony grand theft, according to prosecutors.

“Instead of helping these people, this defendant allegedly
manipulated them for his own personal profit,” San Francisco District
Attorney Kamala Harris said in a statement.

Turner was being held in county jail Thursday on $1.45 million bail after being arrested the day before at his Hayward home.

Prosecutors claim Turner stole $247,000 from 1,417 victims, most of
whom thought they were receiving legitimate immigration medical exams,
Harris said. Immigrants need to get routine physicals and vaccinations
to become citizens.

Investigators said in court documents that Turner injected patients
with saline rather than vaccines for illnesses like mumps and rubella.
Many of the patients visited Turner in a clinic in the city’s Mission
District, a hub for Latino immigrants, prosecutors said. He also is
accused of drawing blood for AIDS and syphilis tests that weren’t

Prosecutors said Turner surrendered his California medical license in 1998, but continued seeing patients until late last year.

Herman Franck, Turner’s lawyer, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Authorities are encouraging former patients to have medical exams performed again by another doctor.

Turner previously pleaded no contest to charges that he masturbated
in front of two young girls in 1984 while a radiology resident at the
University of Southern California, according to medical board records.
He was later convicted in Alameda County in 1993 of indecent exposure
for an incident near the University of California, Berkeley, campus,
board records show.

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