Outsourcing: Silicon Valley East

Via Newsweek

Americans once feared their jobs would be shipped to India, but the backlash was overdone. Now everybody’s winning.

During the height of the dot-com boom, Dan Scheinman was one of Silicon
Valley’s most popular tech execs. As the chief of mergers and
acquisitions for Cisco Systems, he couldn’t go to a party without being
besieged by entrepreneurs eager to sell their business to the
deep-pocketed tech giant. Now Scheinman is once again the toast of
dinner parties, but he’s being pitched on new properties over tandoori
chicken and Darjeeling tea in Bangalore. For Cisco, India is the new
frontier, where it’s investing $1.2 billion to build a gleaming R&D
campus that will employ 3,000 people. “Bangalore feels like the center
of the technology world,” says Scheinman. “There’s a level of chaos,
energy and a sense that anything is possible.”

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