A guide to locating & FAQ regarding designated Civil Surgeons

applicants for adjustment of status are required to have a medical
examination. The medical examination must be conducted by a civil
surgeon who has been designated by the Bureau of Citizenship and
Immigration Services. Medical examinations are needed for adjustment of
status cases (Form I-485) and requests for V nonimmigrant status (Form
I-539). If you are applying for a visa outside of the United States,
you should review our Medical Examination page below.

Use the links below to access additional information:

Medical Examinations (Vaccinations, Civil Surgeons, Panel Physicians, Forms and Medical Waivers)

Frequently Asked Questions for Form I-693, Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status

Vaccination Requirements for Refugees and Asylees Applying for Adjustment of Status in the United States

Vaccination Requirements for Immigrant Visa Applicants and Adjustment of Status Applicants

Form I-693, Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status

Finding A Designated Civil Surgeon in Your Area

For the most current list of civil surgeons in your area, please check our Civil Surgeons Locator.
Or, you may call the National Customer Service Center at 1 (800)
375-5283. After you have selected English or Spanish as your language
of choice for the message, choose #2 for medical examinations from the
list of six automated options. You will be asked to key in your zip
code to help determine the list of designated civil surgeons close to
you. Have pencil and paper ready to record the names of the civil
surgeons provided.

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