Mexican Ads Push Immigration Reform


(AP) Mexico
published advertisements in major newspapers in Mexico and in the
United States on Monday saying migrants should have the same rights as
everyone else and calling it “indispensable” that the two countries
reach a migration accord.

Published in English in The New York Times, The Washington Post and
the Los Angeles Times, and in Spanish in leading Mexico City
newspapers, the full-page ads coincide with expected U.S. Senate debate
on a bill that would extend fences along the U.S.-Mexico border crack
down on illegal immigration with law enforcement and the military.

“Acknowledging the sovereign right of each country to regulate the
entrance of foreigners, it is indispensable to find a solution for the
undocumented population that lives in the United States and contributes
to the development of the country, so that people can be fully
incorporated into their actual communities, with the same rights and
duties,” the ad read.

The ad’s content was taken primarily from a report outlining the
goals and recommendations of a committee of Mexican legislators,
executive branch officials, diplomats, academics, foreign policy
experts and social group leaders.

The ad states that Mexico wants “a far-reaching guest workers
scheme” and that “in order for a guest workers program to be viable,
Mexico should participate in its design, management, supervision and

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