Update to attorneys regarding the possibility of a July visa bulletin revision

Via AILA National

Further to the email earlier today about July visa availability:

Several members have asked whether they should continue in their efforts to file adjustment of status applications for employment-based cases. Of course, this is a matter for each attorney’s best judgment, but note that:

-It is not certain what day the revised Bulletin will be issued.

-It is possible that the revised bulletin will not issue at all–efforts to stop this unprecedented action are being pursued.

-If you “front desk” the application, i.e. decide it is futile to file, and a remedy opens up later, having submitted the applications may improve the chances of utlizing whatever fix might be available.

-If you do submit the adjustments, be sure to use a method whereby you can document delivery, and keep that documentation for each client.

-AILF’s Legal Action Center is seeking plaintiffs with respect to both the adjustment applications that were or are expected to be rejected for June and the adjustment applications that are expected to be rejected in July.

We cannot predict now what will happen, but will continue to update the membership as developments occur.

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