Republican Prez hopeful bats for raising H-1B quota

By Sridhar Krishnaswami

“A leading Republican Presidential hopeful has
thrown his weight behind the H-1B visa programme stressing that
bringing high skilled workers on a permanent basis to the US will be
beneficial to the economy.

Former Massachusetts Gover Mitt Romney
has said that while he is for increasing the quota for H-1B visa, a
majority of whose aspirants are Indians, the exact figures would depend
on a number of things including the strength of the US economy and the
implications for the local workforce.

“I like H-1B visas. I like
the idea of the best and brightest in the world coming here. I’d rather
have them come here permanently rather than come and go, but I believe
our visa programme is designed to help us solve gaps in our employment
pool,” he said in an interview to TechCrunch, a weblog dedicated to
profiling and reviewing new internet products and companies.

there are individuals who have skills that we do not have in abundance
here, I’d like to bring them here and contribute to our economy,” he

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