Answering a reader’s comment regarding NY driver’s licenses

Answering a reader comment regarding my post below:

Interesting article by Clark Kent Ervin discusses the benefits of the controversial (thanks to Lou Dobbs) NY plan to provide Driver’s Licenses for undocumented people.”

The reader comment is in bold, my response is in italics.

The reference to Lou Dobbs is troubling. He simply brought the issue to the public’s attention and the public predictably opposed it. Californians already booted ex-Governor Gray Davis from office because he too tried to give licenses to illegal aliens. Of course New Yorkers are going to react the same way.

The most troubling thing about the open-border crowd, however, is their attempt to advance pro-illegal alien policies in secret. Mr. Sharma seems upset that Dobbs shed light on the subject. The Bush Administration was upset that the recent amnesty was actually debated; recall that supporting senators didn’t want to put it through committee. Same with the DREAM Act.

This is an issue of the elites trying to avoid public input. Dobbs wants public input. For anyone to lament increased public input is troubling.

– JD


To set your mind at ease, I would like to formally declare that I am not upset at Dobbs and I don’t lament public input.   Though you appear to be doubley “troubled” by my public input.  The real issue is that the idea to grant such licenses is not far-fetched, nor unique to New York, nor even a new idea.  Several states currently grant Driver’s Licenses to undocumented people on a regular and systematic basis.  And they have been doing it for years, openly, bereft of special attention.  What people like Lou Dobbs (likeable fellow) do though, is largely enflame the passions of people who have 8 minutes of CNN or FOX NEWS scholarship on the subject.  Why are some people so hysterical about the New York driver’s license issue when as of 2006 the following states did not have a Legal Presence Requirement?

Alaska, Delaware, District of Columbia,  Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Texas.

– Ashwin

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